NYSC Training

NYSC Corps members are at the verge of going into the labour market.

Hence, it is important that youth corpers equip themselves with safe work practices through quality training.

Why train with us

A recent research shows that only 11% of fresh Graduates in Nigeria are employable due to Lack of requisite skills for 21st Century work force. This is why AIGE has set an objective to train and certify 20,000 serving NYSC youth Corpers annually.

Our Services is an education consultancy with presence in Port Harcourt.

AIGE has subsidized training and certification fee for Corp members who want to take their rightful place in the world.

Our consultants are industry experts who train using hands on practical experience to impact their wealth of knowledge to young Nigerian Minds. Our facilities are fully equipped with current industry instruction materials and students are given training materials to ease their learning.

Take control of your future as you upgrade on your qualifications